“It gets no better than these two very real, very down to earth, tell-it-like-it is CEO’s. I had the pleasure of meeting both ladies about four years ago and at the first moment, I was drawn to these women, not because they looked good and exuded confidence but because they were approachable, motivational and knowledgeable and most of all willing to share. Thank you both! We need more of you two in our world”. -Michelle Cauley, LCSW, BCD

President, Cauley & Assocaites, INC

“The moment you meet Dr. Newcombe & Kay Woods will be one repeated over and over as you recount the steps that led to one or several of your achievements. Meeting them three years ago has changed the course of my company’s history in a few ways: new book, new business friendships, and ongoing mentoring and inspiration. Dr. Newcombe & Kay Woods provide gentle encouragement and sound advice to start-ups as well as 7-figure earners. They keep it real so you know that you are not the only one experiencing certain business challenges”.

-Melanie Rae

Founder, Guided Business Plan

“The main thing that I took away from the CEO Real Talk session was that in order to be a successful entrepreneur I have to “do what I am great at.” With structure, energy and focus, I could turn my passion for textile art into a lucrative and fulfilling business”.

-Kelly M. Mason

Roanoke, Virgina