Mentorship Packages

CEO Real Talk Business Mentoring Program enables entrepreneurs to follow in the mind-set path of seasoned entrepreneurs and wise colleagues who can share knowledge, experience and open doors to otherwise out-of- reach business growth opportunities. While we will customize our services to meet your needs and will be developed via CEO Real Talk’s Individual Business Growth Plan (IBG), we are committed to provide the following services as we mentor you through your journey.

1 Hour Session


1) Client Questionnaire
2) Review
3) Q & A

Upcoming Events


1) Client Questionnaire
2) Receive Workbook Required for Sessions
3) Schedule for 8 Sessions

In Addition: You Will receive a copy of our 2 books, 1 free webinar, & Admission to CEO Real Talk’s Annual Conference

Group (6 Individuals) 6 Weeks


1) Client Questionniare
2) Receive workbook per individual required for sessions
3) Schedule for 6 Sessions

In- House Management Mentor Training Session

CEO Real Talk offers 1 full day of mentor training designed to give top management an opportunity to help build the potential of employees. It fosters relationships where management and line employees have the opportunity to collaborate and share insights.

Why Should a CEO offer Management Mentor Training?

• Improved delivery of services through more informed and skilled staff

• Increase employee retention and a reduction in employee recruitment

• Improved communication between management and line employees

• Employees have a support network in the workplace

• Promotes a workplace learning environment

In Addition: You will receive a copy of our books per attendee, 1 free webinar, a discount to CEO Real Talk’s annual conference, & a possible speaking opportunity at annual conference