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Creative Home Design

My name is Joyce Redd, I’m the sole proprietor of Creative Home Design. Located in the greater Bay Area of San Francisco, we are a niche boutique service. We specialize in providing consultative services to the home or business owner that is seeking to declutter, organize or decorate their space.
As a previous business owner of a Consultant Firm and Staffing Agency for over 5 years, I’ve decided to transfer my creative talents to Creative Home Designs. My business focus on creating a space that one can call their own, that’s totally unique to who they are. Creative Home Designs offers various services for your home or office space etc.

At Creative Home Designs, we provide one on one consultation to understand your environment your needs so that we can design a unique space that reflects your personality. Our representatives will sit down and consultative with you about your goal and objectives for your space so that we can help you create the type of environment that you ultimately want. We take our time in understanding who you are, how the space is used and the importance of designing this new space.

To acquire for services or consultation, please give me a call at (510) 542-4340

Services (based on hourly rate of $50.00 – $75.00 per hour)
Home & Office Decorating
Consulting Services

If you are interested in learning more about Creative Home Design services, please feel free to call for consultation.